The Noosa Wrecks & Relics is an over 50s Longboard Get Together. Proudly hosted by the Noosa Malibu Club exclusively for Old Farts, both the gals and the guys. Usually hosted in the short days of mid June, The Wrecks & Relics celebrates the fact that we are still getting into the water and enjoying the sport of surfing. Level of ability is not an issue, although it helps if you want to score a trophy or keep your partner.

What’s most important is the camaraderie, along with a helping of good natured chiacking, and challenging ourselves against the conditions nature serves up on the day.

World trends are reflected in the aging surfing population and the Wrecks & Relics continues to promote the active, healthy lifestyle that surfing embraces as well as the social benefits of meeting and competing with peers. To see competitions info and galleries of years gone by or to find out full details about the competition, dates, judging and registration, visit the Wrecks and Relics website.

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