We have a few boards in the Club’s quiver for members to try. If you would like to take any of these club boards out for a wave please;

Contact Ian Borland, on 0419 472005 to arrange a time to collect the board.

There is no charge for using a Club Board, however you are responsible for any repair costs.

Underground Surf

Points North Model: 9’8″ x 23″ x 3 1/2

The Points North longboard models are very user friendly yet still considered high performance and excellent for nose riding.

A classic mix of new and old school. The perfect board’s for those wanting the versatility of being able to ride small waves well and also get into the juice of the larger days. These models have a large nose concave for stability and nose riding; this area of concave creates more lift so you can achieve the perfect ‘Hang 10′.

Classic Malibu

Classic Malibu Log: 9’3″x 22 3/4″x2 7/8″

Nose 19″, tail 15″, Glassing 6/6+6, pinched rails and rolled bottom for a traditional log.

Special Blend Model: 9’2″ x 22 3/4″ x 3 1/8″

A more traditional board, it features more volume and soft rails for smooth glide. But dont let it fool you. Narrower and with a refined tail and side fins the Special Blend is surprisingly light and responsive.


The Jax Model: 9’6″ x 23 1/8″ x 3″

Log/noserider, acid yellow with red resin artwork, traditional log style rocker square tail,nose concave to 12″ forward of centre, semi flat mid section, to fully rolled through the tail, 60/40 rails rolled in from the bottom, glassing 2 x 6oz deck 1 x 6oz + fin patch on bottom.

The Freedo Model: 9’4″ x 22 7/8″ x 2 7/8″

All rounder/log, candy red black and yellow, traditional rocker with extra tail lift, square tail, nose concave, spiral vee mid section to double concave through tail, reduced tail area delivering more response & ease through transitions, glassed lighter to suit ladies or for more performance, can be single fin or 2+1.

Creative Army

Jive Model: 9’1″ x 22 5/8″ x 2 3/4″

The Jive Model, is a sleek lined trimming machine. It’s single fin set up makes it super smooth thru rail transitions and it’s rolled bottom and pulled in nose and tail make’s it feel unreal for smooth swooping turns while keeping the accelerator on. It’s flatter nose rocker makes for epic nose riding. This board excels on those head high plus days, a great alternative when it’s a bit big for your log but you want that single fin glide.

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