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2012 A New Life Member 2012 see's Libby Winter being recognised for her tireless effeorts over the years. Awarded a life membership, NMC is grateful for all her contributions. Ian Borland steps into the role of President.

2010 Thank You John and Dave In recognition of his ongoing support over the years, NMC awards John Madill from John Madill Toyota as a lifetime member. Dave Dunn is club president for 2 consecutive years 10-11.

2009 Deserving Members 2009 was a busy year, as we inducted 3 well deserving people as life members. Peter & Janet White from Classic Malibu for their contributions over the years, and Josh Constable, World longboard champion, join the ranks of Lifetime Members. Club president at the time is Gary Vaughan.

2007-08 Sharing the Responsibility Sharing the responsibility for 2007, club presidents, Norm Innis/Paul Winter guide us through the year. In 2008 we see Paul Winter is in the top job flying solo.

2006 Life Membership Awarded A new lifetime membership was awarded Darryl Homan for his contributions to the NMC. We also saw John Gilroy at the helm as club president for 2 years.

2004 Honouring Our Members With the club honouring its most dedicated members, Di Cuddihy and Gordon Fuz are now the newest recipients of the NMC life memberships. Reid Johnson is acting president.

2003 New Prez + Life Members In 2003 we saw two new life members come into the fold. Mick & Nola Wilson are the second and third to receive this honour. Club president for 2002, Chris de Aboitiz hands the torch over to Harry Stintman/Di Smith.

2003 Wrecks and Relics The Festival of surfing proved so popular with more mature surfers that many of them missed out on a start. Thus the idea of an Over 50’s Longboard Contest emerged with the 1st Wrecks & Relics held in 2003. Although planned as a get together rather than a serious contest, the old blokes have never lose that competitive streak and so today the Wrecks and Relics is still serious business.

2000 Club Transition The new century brought challenges and transition. The Festival of surfing had outgrown available resources and nothing remained for NMC club activities, so members burnt out or fell away. Remaining members directed their energy into re-building the club, numbers steadily increased & many new faces appeared. Junior development regained momentum & indicative of time’s passage, Over 50’s & 60’s club divisions were added. Another change we see is new president Gordon Fuz taking the reigns for the next 2 years.

1999 Festival In Full Swing The Noosa Malibu Classic has grown considerably and now exhibits tandem surfing, pro women and over 55 divisions. John Lee, Phil Jarratt & Brasen build a Festival around the club Pro-Am competition and secure Breaka as a naming sponsor. The club presidency transitions from Darryl Homan to Steve Montell.

1996 Noosa Festival of Surfing John Lee introduces Professional Men's division at the Noosa Malibu Classic, in which Hawaii’s Bonga Perkins wins. The festival has now expanded from a weekend content to a four day festival.

1996 The First Life MemberThe Noosa Malibu Club inducted its first lifetime member into the fold. Kim De Marco, NMC president 1987-89, is the first of a select few to receive life memberships. Darryl Homan is now president of the NMC.

1994-95 Incoming and OutgoingClub president for 1994, Jim Fisher has now handed the torch over to Keith McMullen for 1995.

1993 The Golden Years Members doubled from around 40 to 80. Club comp days were so popular heats ran well into the afternoon. Junior girls at times outnumbered the boys. Rod Haynes take up as president.

1992 The Noosa Malibu Classic Noosa Malibu Classic, forerunner of Noosa Festival of Surfing, had its debut in 1992 due to the organisational efforts of member Jamie Pradella with generous support from Noosa Heads Surf Club and many other sponsors. We also see new president Lindsay Thomson at the helm.

1991 Annual 3-Way Competition Regular interclub comps were held and the 3-way with Alex Headland & Caloundra clubs has become an annual tradition, the host club rotating annually. In the top job for 1991 Jamie Pradella/Col Broomham.

1990 A Family Affair Morphing from a ‘Boys’ Club’ into a more family affair. Women’s & Junior divisions were introduced, and an Over 40’s to give a more even playing field to both masters & young guns. Social barbecues in local parks with games of cricket followed monthly competitions. The 90s was a creative era with huge community spirit and the club had become one very large family. 1990 also see a new acting president in Col Broomham.

1986-87 Kids Classic 1986 winners were Jay Gofton U12 & Nicky Dowling U10. The follow up competition in 1987 included a novelty fancy dress event. U12 division was won by Ben Walker while Greg Pradella won the U10s.

1986 The Start of NMC CompetitionsMembers would gather 6.30am at the Surf Club car park one Sunday each month then travel on safari down the coast towards Peregian looking for the best surf break. A note nailed to a tree would direct any stragglers, $2 each per contest covered trophy costs. There were two divisions - Modern Mal 8ft & Traditional Mal 9ft. Women surfed with the men.

1986 1986 Noosa Malibu Club was formed 23 April 1986 saw members of both Big boys and Animals clubs meet at Noosa Heads Surf Club, where a resolution to amalgamate was unanimous and "Noosa Malibu Club" was formed. Inaugural Committee: President Kim deMarco, VP Bruce Poulton (also designer of logo), Secretary Annie Yon, & "Contest Sub-Committee". Meetings were held monthly where a few beers were enjoyed.

1980 The Origins Noosa in the 1980's saw 2 separate longboard clubs emerge; the "Big Boys" who already held regular meetings and contests & "Animals" who met casually to surf together.

1980 First Meeting

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